ergonomic flat-screen support ergonomic flat-screen support ergonomic flat-screen support

Ergonomic flat screen supports for relaxed working

The increased demand for visualization in many control consoles and control rooms means that the number of monitors at workstations in particular is also constantly increasing. Along with the right desk, appropriate and ergonomic monitor connections and arrangements are therefore also important elements of the setup. The Knürr brand has been representative of ergonomics at the monitor workstation for over 25 years.

Ergonomically positioned monitors prevent health-hazardous bad posture. The right viewing angle to the monitor ensures an ideal view and back-friendly sitting position at the same time. Studies, tests and surveys, etc., show that workstations that are set up the right ergonomic way reduce the number of sick days. Knürr’s universally applicable supports are not only suitable for flat screens – they are also ideal for ergonomically positioning workstation lamps and speaker systems, or communication equipment on control station desks.

Strong points:

  • Slender design
  • High load capacity
  • Freely combinable setup
  • Standardized VESA interface
  • Sturdy and stable Knürr TFT Adapter connection
  • More viewing comfort by optimum monitor settings
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